Baralaba South Project

It is proposed to develop the Baralaba South Project as a greenfield, multi-seam, open-cut coal mine using truck and excavator methods to mine up to 6Mtpa of run-of-mine coal to produce pulverised coal injection and thermal coal product for up to 40 years. The Baralaba South Project lies between the Baralaba North Mine and Baralaba Coal Company Limited’s Train Load-Out (TLO) Facility, along the Baralaba North Mine haul route, approximately 8 km south of the township of Baralaba and 115 km west of Rockhampton, in the lower Bowen Basin region of Central Queensland

The proposed project would be operated as part of a mine complex with the existing Baralaba North Mine. The product rate between the two operations would be approximately 3.5Mtpa, as per the separate approvals in place for the Baralaba North Mine haul route and TLO Facility. Product coal would be transported 40km south by road via the existing Baralaba North Mine haul route to the TLO Facility located approximately 2km east of Moura. Product coal would then be transported by rail to the Port of Gladstone for export to international markets.

The Terms of Reference for the Baralaba South Project Environmental Impact Statement are currently being developed with the  Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, with input from community and stakeholders.  Further information can be accessed on the EHP website:

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