Galilee Basin Projects

Baralaba Coal Company currently holds 100% interests in approximately 1,250 km2 of coal projects in the Galilee Basin of Central Queensland.

The Galilee Basin is touted as one of the largest coal basins in the world. The basin, whilst poorly defined in some regards, stretches from Hughenden to Alpha, and has defined resources of over 30 billion tonnes of coal. The Galilee Basin contains many of the same extensive, thick and laterally continuous Permian coal measures of the Bowen Basin. The quality of the coal is expected to be of thermal export quality.

South Pentland Project

The South Pentland Project is located 54 km south of Pentland in the north-eastern portion of the Galilee Basin, central Queensland. This is a promising Project with a 445 million tonne JORC Inferred Resource, aiming to produce 3.6 – 5.0 billion tonnes of thermal coal and is in close proximity to supporting export infrastructure.

The Project commenced exploration in June 2011, and has conducted studies to understand the geology to be used for mine planning. Baralaba Coal Company intends to use the Queensland Rail infrastructure and the Port of Townsville to transport product coal to export markets.