Baralaba Coal Company Pty Ltd (Baralaba) is a dynamic, privately owned, Australian metallurgical coal producer.

Our flagship operation is the Baralaba North Mine located in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia.

What We Do

Baralaba Coal’s core operations are located around the township of Baralaba in southeast Queensland along the eastern subcrop of the Baralaba Coal Measures. The Baralaba Complex includes Baralaba Central (under post mining rehabilitation), Baralaba North, Baralaba South and the Moura Train Loadout Facility.

Baralaba North

The Baralaba North Mine currently produces approximately 2 million tonnes of coal per annum.
The company’s long term plans are to continue mining along strike to the north. Baralaba owns all the land required for the continuation of mining at Baralaba North.

Baralaba South

The proposed Baralaba South project will be a continuation of our operations in the area, producing approximately 2 Mtpa. It will be situated eight kilometres south of Baralaba.
BCC intends to continue mining at Baralaba North before transitioning to Baralaba South, extending our operations by up to 20 years.

Moura Train Loadout

Baralaba Coal operates a train loadout (TLO) facility on the outskirts of Moura, 60km south of the Baralaba North site.
Product is hauled to the TLO by truck and then railed 180km to the Port of Gladstone for export to our mainly Asian steel producing clients.

Welcome to
Baralaba Coal

Coal mining has been a part of the Baralaba community for more than a century and we are proud to continue that tradition.
At Baralaba Coal, we understand we are the custodians of large parcels of land and, as such, our goal is to return all disturbed land to sustainable use on completion of our activities.

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Some facts

100 years of mining at Baralaba

Coal mining has been a part of the Baralaba community for more than a century with the first mine being the state owned underground operation, the State Coal Mine.

400+ Workers

More than 400 employees work at the Baralaba Coal mine performing a variety of jobs including driving heavy machinery such as massive trucks, dozers and excavators, geologists, explosive experts, environmental experts, administration and finance wizards and everything in between.

Large Modern Equipment Fleet

Baralaba coal has five large excavators, 32 dump trucks and more than a dozen dozers and graders rolling around the site on a daily basis. Most of which were purchased by BCC when the mine was restarted in 2018.