Why rehabilitate?

A major consideration of any mining operation is how we leave the land post operations. We are morally and legally obliged to rehabilitate any and all land we disturb during the operations of our sites. At Baralaba we take these obligations seriously and, as part of our commitment to being a responsible operator and in line with our environmental approvals, we undertake progressive rehabilitation of our mined land.

Early in 2023, Baralaba submitted its Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure Plan to the Department of Environment and Science. This comprehensive plan will guide all future works in this area. The plan will be available on our website.

Over the past 12 months, Baralaba has worked to correct legacy issues, specifically the rehabilitation of the old TLO near Moura and the commencement of rehabilitation work at the old Baralaba Central Pit, last mined in 2015.

Our goal is to restore and improve land features including contours and vegetation, to optimise water drainage and maximise productive soil characteristics of the disturbed land to support long-term environmental resilience.

Safety is our focus

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees is a major priority for Baralaba and our service providers.

Our employees are our greatest asset and strive to promote a work culture that reflects our commitment to health, safety, and wellbeing.

We seek to minimise the potential for workplace injuries as much as possible.

Working with our community

Mining operations have played an integral part in the development of Baralaba, starting with the underground operations at the turn of the last century.

More recently, Baralaba’s community engagement has been significantly improved.

Baralaba Coal is working diligently to restore and foster relationships with the local community.