Building a sustainable future

Coal mining has been a part of the Baralaba community for more than a century and Baralaba Coal is proud to continue that tradition.

At Baralaba Coal, we understand we are the custodians of large parcels of land.

We are here for a relatively short period and, in that time, our role is to extract a valuable resource, create economic activity and employment within the local community with an end goal to return all disturbed land to sustainable use, in accordance with our approval obligations, on completion of our activities.

We strive to minimise and manage any impacts on the environment, avoid harm to our people and contractors, respect traditional owners’ rights, contribute to social and economic development, and maintain trusting relationships with all stakeholders.

Read our first Sustainability Report here.


A major consideration of any mining operation is how we leave the land post operations. We are morally and legally obliged to rehabilitate any and all land we disturb during the operations of our sites.

At Baralaba we take these obligations seriously and, as part of our commitment to being a responsible operator and in line with our environmental approvals, we undertake progressive rehabilitation of our mined land.


Water is a valuable, shared resource in our community and as such our philosophy is to use as little water as practical.

The Baralaba North Mine is located on the northern floodplain of the lower Dawson River. An anabranch of the Dawson River separates Baralaba North from Baralaba Central. The mine has a substantial water allocation from the Dawson River however, due to our significant capture process for mine runoff, Baralaba is able to reduce the amount of water it draws from the river.

Safety is our focus

The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees is a major priority for Baralaba and our service providers.

Our employees are our greatest asset and strive to promote a work culture that reflects our commitment to health, safety, and wellbeing.

We seek to minimise the potential for workplace injuries as much as possible.

Working with our community

Mining operations have played an integral part in the development of Baralaba, starting with the underground operations at the turn of the last century.

More recently, Baralaba’s community engagement has been significantly improved.

Baralaba Coal is working diligently to restore and foster relationships with the local community.