Baralaba North

The Baralaba North Mine is located approximately 5km north of the township of Baralaba. It is an open-cut operation utilising truck and excavator method. Current production levels at Baralaba North are approximately 2 Mtpa.
The coal produced is mainly Ultra Low Volatile Pulverised Coal Injection (ULV PCI) product used in steel making.
Mining operations are performed by Golding Contractors with approximately 400 employees on site.
The extracted coal is crushed and screened onsite and stockpiled ready for haulage to our train loadout (TLO) facility, located 2km east of Moura.
Product coal is then railed to the Port of Gladstone for export to international customers.

Baralaba South

The proposed south project will represent a continuation of our mining activities in the Baralaba region, producing approximately 2 Mtpa.
Baralaba's intentions are to continue mining at the current North Baralaba site and then transition to Baralaba South, effectively extending the life of the coal mining operations in the area by around 20 years.
The mining activity is proposed to occur within an area of approximately 2,214 hectares covered by Mining Lease Application (MLA) 700057.
The Baralaba South Project will contribute to the local and regional economy through procurement, 400 (peak) operational jobs and a further 275 (peak) construction jobs, as well as through royalties and taxes paid to the Queensland Government.

Train Loadout Facility

Our train loadout (TLO) facility is approximately 60 km from the site. Kalari hauls the coal by road, 24 hours a day.
Once at the TLO the coal is graded and sorted for a second time before being loaded on to trains and then railed by Aurizon for its 180km journey, via the Moura rail system, to the Port of Gladstone.
From there it is shipped to our customers, mainly Asian steel producers.

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